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Cathy Crégniot

Professional voice over - narrator

Passionate about public reading and writing from a very young age, I've always been immersed in voice and sound ambience recording, spent a few years on the stage of amateur theaters in my region of birth, the Loire, in France.


It was only natural that I return to these first loves that have become passions, by opening my voice-over studio, Vox Volubilis, in 2014.


I record daily, from my private professional studio in the Montreal urban community, where I live today, voice projects in French and in English with a French accent (France or North American), for a worldwide clientele.


By working with Vox Volubilis, you choose experience, quality and communication to give voice to all your projects. ​


Contact me to learn more and estimate your projects.

Vocal specificities

With a medium tone, clear and articulate diction, my voice is naturally expressive, warm and enveloping with a touch of sensuality, elegance while being versatile.


Pleasant to listen to, my voice captures the attention and rarely leaves anyone indifferent.


Combined with a very personal and sensitive approach to the world, my voice is naturally authentic and lets emotion, intention, understanding shine through, while being able to express a wide and subtle range of affects, moods, temperaments, personalities. or motives.

Langues & accents

French from France

International / standard / neutral French accent

English with a French accent

France & North American specifics "R" and pronounciations

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Voix off message voice over_edited.jpg





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Montre - livraison - voix off - voice ov



"Amazing work, very professional and smart to nail the client's needs!!"


- Ma Nouvelle Ville -

*Connected studio for live directed sessions via Source Connect Now, SessionLink Pro, etc.

**ETA can vary depending on the type and the lenght of the project

LinkedIn Learning - Inclusion - Trailer
Lire la vidéo

Voice over - narration recording


Options :

  • Voice / video sync

  • Add a musical background

  • French script proofreading and French script optimization

  • From English to French translation (co-worker)

  • Adaptation and optimization for the voiceover of your pre-translated scripts

  • Remotely directed session (available depending on type of project)

Studio - Audio - Voix off

Voice over - narration for :


  • Motion video |animated video |

  • E-learning | Training (French only)

  • Medical | Technique | Procedures (French only)

  • Institutional | Corporate | Presentation

  • IVR | Phone system

  • Commercial | Promotional

  • Internet | Social medias

  • Radio | Voice tag | Intro-outro-bumper

  • DJ drop voice | Beat tag voice | Soft spoken

  • Videogame | App

  • French audiobook

  • Divers | Etc.

Digital delivery:

Through WeTransfer, GDrive, etc.

Studio equipment
Studio Cathy Crégniot - Vox Volubilis.JPG

My homebuild private professional voice over studio, it is :


Studio "sound"/noise floor

Silence studio vide - Courbes - mesures 08 mars 2023.jpg

Studio "sound"/noise floor with someone inside

Silence studio en présence - Courbes - mesures 08 mars 2023.jpg
Studio equipment
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