Your French female voice over with a professional studio!

Experienced voice over artist - actress, French from France native, now based in Canada, I record voice over projects for my clients (from independant client to big companies and organizations) in my own professional studio.

Micro voix off - voice over - home studio

Full time professional voice over - narrator, I produce female voice over for all types of projects: phone system, commercials, Internet - radio & TV spots, corporate/institutional, motion design and explainer video, e-learning, radio-DJ-beat tag creator liner, YouTube intro, outro & bumpers, creative projects and more!

To make and deliver your most demanding projects, from the simplest to the most creative, I open up a range of professional and quality services and provides my expertise, an excellent mastering of French to optimize your audio and audiovisual communication.


By collaborating with Vox Volubilis, you choose the voice, the experience, the quality and the communication to give a voice to your voice over projects.


Contact me for info and quote your projects.

Voice specificities

Excellent vocal popularizer, my voice is versatile and naturally expressive, medium tone, with a clear and articulated diction, warm with a touch of sensuality, easy to listen, captures attention.

Combined with a personal and sensitive approach to the world, my voice is able of expressing a wide and subtle range of affects, moods, temperaments, personalities or motivations.

Languages & accents

French native

Neutral / International French accent

English with French accent

France & North American specifics "R" and pronounciations

English with French accent
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